Bejeweled 3 – XBLA Review

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Bejeweled 3 Review – Xbox Live Arcade Game

So I’m at home waiting for Ph1lem0n ZA to come online because its Gears night and we’re going to jam some Gears, but as usual Ph1lem0n ZA lives in his own timestream and is late. So what am I to do while I wait? The ZA video marketplace is virtually non-existant and its far too much effort to put in a different game as I would just have to take it out again when Ph1l eventually arrives.

So how am I too kill some time? Try a casual arcade game you say? Well I’ve kinda played Plant vs Zombies to death and I am already a Peggle master so thats no challenge anymore… what’s that you say? They’ve released a new Bejeweled game? Holy balls! I’ll have some of that.

Enter Bejeweled 3, the latest offering from PopCap the makers of other examples of gaming crack such as Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and of course the original Bejeweled.

Now right off the bat let me say that I haven’t played any of the previous incarnations of Bejeweled, so this was my virgin experience with the game. But that aside, I do have a huge liking for puzzle games in general, in fact I would quite easily put Tetris in my top 5 games of all time without blinking an eye. So I was quite keen to give Bejeweled 3 a try.

What is it?
Moving swiftly along, Bejeweled 3 is quite a simplistic puzzle game. You line up 3 or more coloured jewels in a row and they disappear and give you score. The object of the game, line up as many jewels possible to get the most score and climb those leaderboards for some bragging rights.

Is it any good?
Well to be honest they haven’t changed much which is a good thing because the core game is pretty damn good. There are about 6/7 different gametypes each with different objectives but still maintain the core gameplay. The new gametypes add a much welcomed change from the classic marathon gametype which can get very boring and repetitive if you get a good streak going. Some are shorter and faster paced and can really get the adrenaline pumping as you try for that objective and the timer ticks down.

By adding quicker/shorter gametypes it really adds to the casual play-on-the-go style of the game. So whether I want to just kill time for a few minutes or spend the entire day playing, there is a gametype for me.

Any room for improvement?
No game is perfect so of course there is room for improvement. As I’ve mentioned already the game can get quite repetitive and boring, I’ve progressed about 10 levels into the classic game and nothing has changed, nothing new is added to the gameplay or level layout, its just the same stage over and over.
Another thing lacking I feel is some kind of multiplayer, both Peggle & Plants vs Zombies have some sort of mutiplayer but nothing for Bejeweled 3. It sucks because despite the extensive single player there is also alot of potential for a great versus type multiplayer, instead the feature they’re punting is the Zen options which are really just a collection of soothing sounds and ambient music to relax one while they play. I feel PopCap have missed out here.

So why do I like this so much?
Well firstly its small, simple and very relaxing. But for me the best part is the special effects that happen when you unleash power jewels and string together combo’s. It really is an awesome feeling when you manage to accidently string together a power combo and the screen just erupts with explosions and praise. I swear its the same voice from the Mortal kombat games too. Performing well in this this game really makes you feel awesome, a real mood pick me up.

And… WTF!! Can you believe it? Ph1lem0n is playing Bejeweled 3 now, the bastard.


Game Reviewed by:

jGLZA (@jGLZA_b00)

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  1. Leehar

    Now I want me a Bejewel!