Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Review

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Gamers have been waiting for the new Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and if you are one of them, you will not be disappointed. The game retains much of the gameplay from its original predecessor, although it cleverly incorporates some great new aspects into the game. The atmosphere is pretty much what you would expect the game to look like if you have played the previous version, and the action is entirely thrilling.

In the American Nightmare, the gamer is at first marred with problems caused by Mr. Scratch, who in this case is the evil half of Alan Wake. As the plot unfolds, things start to makes sense, as the player finds himself in the Arizona desert and has to piece things together to proceed. The game includes much more action and shooting as compared to the first version, and you are bound to find these new aspects and additions to the game deeply satisfying.

The weapons are also much better in American Nightmare, and are also in plenty and get more and more elaborate as you go along. You can expect some action including shotguns and high powered pistols, all of which are surprisingly effective in eliminating your enemies in this game. The ammo is also in abundance, and you do not need to worry too much about running out especially in the epic battle scenes.

Flares, flash grenades and flashlight also make an appearance in the game, and add variety to the game. The enemies are much tougher in American Nightmare, although these are manageable with the right technique and firepower. The game is dark for the most part, which gives the gameplay a creepy and unsettling edge, and atmosphere that is perfect for a game of this kind. The addition of a crossbow to the arms cache is also a nice touch, and makes things a bit more exciting.

Some of the enemies from the previous game do make a comeback on American Nightmare, although they are much more subdued and easier to tackle as compared to other enemies that you encounter as you go along. There are also some great twists to the story line which keep you fascinated and intrigues in equal measure. The general storyline is superb, and you soon get a hang of things once you start playing and continue to the next levels.

The game includes storylines from the Twilight Zone, and seems to borrow much of the concept from here. This adds great value to the game, making it familiar to the player, and adds a bit of horror and gore into the heat of things.

The creators really have gone all out on this one, and have pulled all the stops to make this game spectacular. It is a great addition to the series, and is worth the money, which is hard to get these days. The Twilight Zone like aspects of the game also add a nice touch and the overall gameplay is worth it.

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