SSX Demo – Impressions

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SSX and its snowboarding games have no doubt taken gaming to the next level especially for snowboarding fans. SSX: Deadly Descents has been forever etched in the minds of gamers, and mostly due to the over top nature of the game. It comes as no surprise then that gamers are anxiously waiting for the release of the new game. It is expected that the new game keeps more action and will definitely beat the previous, if this is possible. For those who cannot wait for the release of the game to try it out, there is some good news for you. As it turns out, there is the demo version on Xbox and is expected to hit PlayStation in a matter of hours. The demo is actually surprisingly extensive, and will give you a good idea of what the actual game will be like once it comes out next week.

There is a great tutorial on the SSX demo that lets you get in touch with the controls before the actual game comes out. The tutorial works for both first timers and seasoned SSX players, and includes some great features. You can expect to perform some crazy midair stunts, and make the landing safe and sound. The flips are insane on the demo, and you can start to get used to doing them before you get hold of the game. The controls have been left intact for the most part, and the left analog stick is still used for back flips, and spins. There are also some additional features such as catching extra air by holding the jump button before you actually leave the ground.

Once on the ground, the action continues. You can perform some cool stunts which have come to be expected from SSX games. These include back stands, nose Ollie as well as some great combos that you learn how to do as you continue playing. You need to be careful especially when performing stunts on corners as most of the time this spells disaster. The handling is also quite good, which is more points for the creators.

The snowboarder does not fall off as many times as in the previous versions, which gives you more time to perfect your stunts and earn points. The controls are also pretty forward, especially if you have played the previous versions. There are two major ways to execute tricks once you get a hang of the game. You can choose to use the controller buttons, or on the other hand use the analog stick. The trick meter has made a comeback, and fills up as you go along and perform ticks. The boost here will help you to do more stunts, as well as gain more speed when snowboarding.

The SSX Demo Impressions has been a real lifesaver. For those who really cannot wait for the game to come out, you are advised to go out and get the demo. It will give you a good idea of what the gaming experience is going to be like once you get your hands on the actual game.

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