MUD FIM Motocross World Championship – Preview

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Motocross is an ever popular sport, and MUD FIM Motocross World Championship – Preview allows gamers to immerse themselves in the everything bikes, from the courses to the jumps. How would you fare, pitted against the best names in Motocross?

MUD FIM Motocross World Championship has two main modes. The first is a campaign mode, allowing you to play in a team of three characters. The designers have taken inspiration from popular RPG games here, with a variety of upgrades available, and you’ll find yourself surprisingly eager to upgrade as far as possible. You’ll play across MX1, MX2 and the FIM Motocross of Nations leagues, trying to prove yourself as a serious Motocross racer.

The other mode is more arcade style, allowing you to grab a controller and jump in to the game. With 14 different bikes and 84 riders over 12 tracks, this is the best way to throw yourself right in and start learning how to complete tricks from basic Can Cans to Backflips.

The controls are much easier than some similar racing games. There is one button dedicated to brakeing, preventing the stress which usually appears when gamers have to utilise both front and rear brakes, along with an accelerator and ‘scrub’ button. While ‘Scrub’ will be a new concept to many gamers, there are plenty of chances to use it at the beginning of the game, ensuring you’ll be a pro by the time you need to implement it in order to win events.

Milestone has attempted to build an environment that feels real, whilst still being interesting. The tracks are heavily embellished with items such as oversized saw blades and hot air balloons, although they are very different to Milestone’s famous Superbike tracks.

The tracks are covered in high jumps, speed boosts and flashing signs. There are areas where you can open the throttle and hit full speed without being too worried about flying off, but there is a lack of tricks and button input sequences which can make the game seem overly simple.

One of the biggest talking points surrounding MUD FIM Motocross World Championship – PREVIEW is the trick modes. These were originally designed to be additional downloadable content, but are now included with the game itself. There are six arenas, two each in America, Spain and the Czech Republic, which will allow you to learn every trick you could ever wish to perform.

The Monster Energy Trick Battle Mode sets players tough challenges, which can involve anything from defying gravity to crazy acrobatics and amazing trick combos. This is the most addictive part of the game, with challenges being difficult enough to keep you trying without being impossible, and perfect for challenging friends and online players with.

Milestone have made a big statement about their future with the release of MUD FIM Motocross World Championship – PREVIEW. They’ve pushed themselves to make the most fulfilling, realistic and challenging motocross game, and with such a massive international Motocross following it is sure to be a success if it can deliver on that promise.

Fans will recognise famous faces such as Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, Ryna Dungey and Ken Roczen, and the official tracks are realistic enough to instantly recognise. The controls are simplified compared to other racing games, making it them much more comparable to typical car racing controls, but this makes getting the hang on the game quick and easy. The terrains are fully deformable, and there’s plenty of adrenaline-packed races to compete in and win.

Overall, the game is eagerly anticipated, and the combination of easy controls and challenging tricks may well make the game a roaring success.

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