Trials Evolution – Review

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Trials Evolution was developed by RedLynx and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released April 18, 2012 for 1200 MSP.

“Simple to learn but hard to master” is how RedLynx describes Trials Evolution, the sequel to Trials HD. They’re not kidding.

In short the game seriously rocks, it is genius in its simplicity. You race across a 2D plain taking on gigantic life threatening jumps and twisted ramps in a 3D environment that is simply breath taking and the object of the game is to finish each track as quickly as possible with as few mistakes as possible, you have to carefully control your speed and pitch by shifting your body weight on your virtual motorcycle to land each jump. Sounds pretty straight forward right? It is but there is so much more to the game as you blaze your way through the various tracks and levels. You are literally bombarded with all kinds of obstacles ranging from war zones, ruins, bad weather, BOMBS, Explosive crates, traps, sewers, ramps that launch you so high into the air you literally hold your breath and cheer out loud when you stick an especially hard landing. Oh and every level ends with your rider being rewarded for crossing the finishing line by killing him off in a crazy death scene… he’s alive at the start of the next level though.

In the single player career mode you go through levels grouped together by difficulty and dotted with license tests plus you need to collect enough medals to unlock the next tier so you may have to go back and redo a few tracks, don’t worry though they were still fun as hell to play even the second and third time around. Finishing tracks earns you money which you can use to buy new gear such as helmets and clothing but nothing especially spectacular, also you unlock new bikes etc as you progress along in the game. Oh and now might be the time to mention this, as simple as the game is to play it gets difficult, very difficult so don’t for a minute think you will just breeze through the game and be done with it, no sir, it’s going to take quite a bit of dedication to finish this puppy.

Over and above the track packs you also have Skill Games, Tournaments and Trials Trophy game modes to help earn more medals. The tracks themselves get increasingly difficult and near impossible at times as you advance through the levels.

Tournament mode will give you a series of tracks you already completed that you would need to complete again in order to earn medals. Again, you’ll have certain thresholds to meet in order to achieve the bronze, silver and gold medals for each tourney.

The Skill games are the mini games mashed together into one category. You’ll do things from Skiing to flying UFO’s and there is even an “Angry birds”style version available to download (Check Out the Video Below). Again, you can earn medals by passing the levels. This is definitely just a fun batch of thoughts and ideas straight from the development team and it gives a great break from those moments on the frustrating hard and expert tracks.

Multi-player mode is a lot of fun, you basically race against up to three other riders on all kinds of varied tracks PLUS you can design your own outrageous, outlandish tracks from hell. There is not much more to the multi-player mode so it can get old a little quickly but it’s always a fun way to kill a few minutes every now and again.

The only gripes I had with Trials Evolution was some of the music was a little annoying (it can be turned off), there isn’t much to spend your virtual money on and the unlocks at the end of each level were a little um, average, run of the mill. It’s still a fun game though, even if you are not a trials bike fan this game is good, clean, heart pounding amusement, everything a game should be.

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