Xbox 720: $299 price, Kinect V2, AR glasses?

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A supposedly leaked Microsoft document could have detailed the Xbox firm’s next-gen console plans.

Said document has now been removed on request of Microsoft’s legal counsel, but is mirrored on Game Informer, and it dates back to 2010.

According to the 56 pages, the next-generation Xbox will featured Blu-ray compatibility, a form of augmented reality glass, “Kinect V2″, a $299.99 price tag and a 2013 release window.



It also references Microsoft’s Smart Galss tech revealed at E3 and supposedly aligns with information previously obtained by journalists.


Internet detectives have been sceptical as to the authenticity of the doc, it’s not the most professional-looking thing in the world, but some important voices have come out to back it.

Xbox World’s Michael Gapper said: “If it’s a fake it gets a lot right. It’s fabricated with good data, at least.

“A surprising amount is credible. Certainly more than I’ve detailed in XBW. They got the AR specs right, for a start… Still, there’s a lot in there I know to be accurate that has, to my knowledge, gone unreported.”

Tom Warren, senior Editor at The Verge told NeoGAF the information within the ‘leak’ matches up with what he’s heard from Microsoft sources too.

“I have been reporting on Microsoft for around 12 years now. That’s not to say I know everything about Microsoft and its processes, but I have a fairly good idea of what is and isn’t an internal doc usually after the first few pages,” he posted.

“This document in question is from August 2010, prior to iOS 4.2 (mentioned in the PPT notes) and when certain team members (mentioned in doc notes) were still at the company in engineering roles.”

“The document references several employees by name and uses one of Microsoft’s internal ‘CSG_Pres’ PowerPoint templates (an early example of their Metro style PowerPoint templates that are used regularly internally now).”

“Couple this with the fact it aligns with other information I’ve seen about Nextbox over the past year, it aligned perfectly. The document also references Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology (announced at E3).”

Source: CVG 

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