Getting an Xbox 360 this Christmas?

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If you want all the bells and whistles that goes with your Xbox you have to fork out the cash for it…not to mention playing online isn’t free. So what’s the point if it’s so expensive? Why not just get a PS3, pick up and play and be happy?

Well…if you want to get Dawnguard for PS3 the being happy part might be a problem. So let’s take a look at all the things you’re going to need if you want to save up for buying an Xbox this Christmas (its only 4 months away!).

First and foremost you have to get the console. Some people might tell you that you should buy the biggest and best, that’s simply not true. The Xbox comes in 2 versions, the 4gb and the 250gb. The obvious differences being the drive space and the price. You can get bundle pack deals that include extra games and maybe a controller if you shop around at Look & Listen, Musica, Game & CNA or BT Games if you’re so inclined but do you really need a 250gb console? The current price difference between the 4gb and 250gb is +-R400 (without Kinect), now you might as well get the 250gb for that price but will you ever use it?

No…not unless you intend to purchase games and demos online and download them to your console. Your saved games will find it very hard to use up 4gb. Get the 4gb, save R400. Most consoles also include a 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership and a Headset with an HDMI Cable (some don’t have the HDMI cable included, you can purchase one separate for around R70.00) and a VGA cable.

* The Kinect goes for +-R2000 on its own and the 4gb Kinect Console Bundle goes for roughly R3500.00 where as the 250gb goes for around R4200.00.

Next, the Play & Charge kit for your Xbox Controller. Let me explain something about wireless…it uses batteries and has to be recharged. This feature absolutely sucks with the Xbox as you can’t simply pop in the batteries, play and then recharge them when your done, no. You have to buy something which is called The Play & Charge Kit which includes a rechargeable battery pack and a cable with which you can plug in to your console and your controller to either charge your wireless controller or play while you charge it. This kit goes for R232.00 so use the R400 you saved earlier on the console to pick this up too.

The above covers the bare essentials, now you might need a second controller. Look out for a bundle deal that includes the Play & Charge Kit, these go for about R560.00 and make sure to keep an eye out for the bundle deals. I purchased my extra controller in a bundle pack that included the P&C Kit and 2 games for R700.00.

Then if you’re an online gamer you’re going to need a 3 Month or 1 Year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, the 1 Month goes for around R95.00 and the 1 Year goes for around R460.00.

The games

Games are expensive, the new ones are anyway! New releases go from R499 all the way up to R699 or R799 depending on whether you’re purchasing a limited edition or collectors edition. For most games you can be prepared to spend between R199 and R399. The advantage here is that you don’t necessarily have to buy new games. My favorite place to pick up bargains is BT Games, they have a service where gamers can sell the games they don’t want in return for credit which you can use in store. The second hand bin usually contains a few of the latest games and a whole bunch of older used games. Even though these games are second hand they aren’t allowed to have scratches or damages at all, BT Games simply won’t purchase them from the seller if they are damaged or buffed! I usually drop by once a month just to check the second hand bin and usually sell my own not so classic games once I’m done with them.

Chipping & Modding your console + code generators.

Yes it can be done but that doesn’t mean you should. There are ways to modify your Xbox to support pirated games (yes in South Africa too). Pirated games go for as little as R20.00 each and are readily available pretty much anywhere. This does save you a ton of money and costs only a fraction of what a new game costs but there are risks and consequences. The first such consequence is the fact that your Xbox guarantee is voided when the console is tampered with, the second is that you lose the ability to apply updates to your console and you can’t play any of your pirated games online because simply put…they won’t work and it messes up your whole console. You also risk to receive the ring of death error on your Xbox since your console was never designed to be tampered with by garage technicians. I strongly discourage anyone who’s even thinking about this.

As far as Xbox Live Gold code generators go…you might hear rumors of exploits and nifty little programs you can download to generate Gold Membership codes and even Microsoft Point codes. In fact there are about 2000 sites available which claim to offer these programs. Here’s the truth; the code generators don’t work and will never work. Any program claiming to be able to do this is 100% fake and will install malware on your pc and will probably also phish your gamertag,email and passwords from you. There’s no such thing as a code generator.

What there ARE though are promotions, keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter because places like Evopoints always have promotions going on where you not only get free codes but free avatar items and games. For a starting point try this site, they have a pretty good list of current things you can score on.

The conclusion is that if you think Xbox is too expensive you might be better off with something crappy like a Wii. =)

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One Response to Getting an Xbox 360 this Christmas?

  1. great article, I got the xbox 360 star wars limited edition 320 gig with kinect for R3500 @ look&listen but takealot has it for R3000 but no stock