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We’ve all seen it happening, original ideas are running out and now we’re down to franchises and universes combating each other. We’re in the age of crossovers such as Marvel Vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe and Street Fighter Vs Tekken. This isn’t a bad idea when you think about it since everyone had those thoughts and discussions about who’d win between Superman & The Hulk or even who’d die first in a fight regarding their favorite characters and heroes from different titles and universes. So what would we like to see?


Soul Calibur Vs Tekken

They’ve danced around it since the 90’s! Both games feature similar gameplay and characters and not to mention Yoshimitsu has been a pretty much permanent addition to the Tekken roster while also appearing in Soul Calibur. These two franchises have always rivaled each other and both have hardcore followers who believe they are superior to the other. Why have we not seen a cross over here? If you can justify putting Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur surely there’s a way to do a Soul Calibur Vs Tekken crossover.

The fact that weapons play a big part in Soul Calibur might be the main obstacle preventing this crossover at the moment since not all characters are able to fight unarmed like those in Tekken. The name Yoshimitsu is again raised here because there are certain moves he uses in Tekken that utilizes his sword anyway so we know this idea can indeed work.

Whether this is fair or not is up for debate but you could go as far as giving Tekken characters armor on their forearms to deflect weapon attacks or give them weapons of their very own. Certain moves to ‘disarm’ your opponent of a weapon could also be added but then it again brings to light the fact that most Soul Calibur characters are useless without their weapons; it would have to be Tekken that does most of the adapting if this ‘versus’ scenario ever happens.


DC Vs Marvel

It’s been explored in comic books as far back as 1996, can this just be made a game now?

DC Vs Marvel (or Marvel Vs DC if you choose) is bound to happen eventually…that is if Marvel can stop making crappy movies long enough to shift it’s attentions elsewhere. I’m sure everyone had the debate about whether Superman can take down The Hulk or if Wolverine could beat Batman in a fight…or not?

We think this is one of the most likely crossover ‘versus’ title ideas and we might even see it within the next 2 or 3 years if not sooner than that. Both DC and Marvel have gigantic fan bases and usually; if you like one you like the other. With the 2 companies more focused elsewhere though it looks like for the moment we’ll have to live off fantasy and imagination for this game.


Superman & Batman Vs Aliens & Predator

Many people are aware of the Aliens (Xenomorphs) and the Predators (Yautja) and that they have been battling each other for quite a long time (Predators think an Alien is the ultimate prey). There has so far been 2 movies where one versus the other and both the Predator and Alien have enjoyed many game releases featuring them independently and together over the years.

Not so many people are aware that both Superman and Batman have had run ins with the Predators & Aliens too though, on their own and together! That’s right, The Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight had their very own battles with Predators and Aliens and it was entertaining to see indeed…of course you’ll mostly have to refer to comic books for that part but there is short film out there featuring a Predator & Batman being chased around by it (go use Google don’t be lazy!).

So here’s the game idea; take everything from Arkham City (if you don’t know it stop reading), make it bigger by about times 10, make Gotham an open world map and add Metropolis to the mix. Now add 4 playable characters (Superman, Batman, Yautja, Xenomorph) and there you go. Can you imagine what fun it would be from each characters different perspective?

We think it would be awesome! Imagine stalking the skyscrapers of Metropolis as an Alien or flying around Gotham as Superman, sounds cool right?

The likelihood of this game ever happening though is pretty much slim to none. Let’s not forget it would simply be too large a project to not screw up somehow. Unless you can guarantee it won’t be screwed up and that it would make tens of millions in profit nobody will bother making this game. The ones who will remain nameless (Blizzard) had almost infinite resources and took over a decade to create Diablo 3 and still managed to screw it up.

Will we ever see this game? Probably not but it would be great. In fact if you did make it and did it the right way it might very well be the stuff of legend.


Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter

Is Ryu not one of the greatest fighters on Earth? Why was he not called to compete in Mortal Kombat? He soon will be…or rather might be. The creator of Mortal Kombat (Ed Boon) has dropped a few hints that there could very well be such a title in the works (or at very least possible). Does Ed Boon lie? Well he might sometimes but we think he’s very seriously considering going for this one if the fan demand is strong enough.

This would truly be a great game for the simple reason of ‘because’. We know they work individually but our opinion is; just make them one game all ready. Both franchises have existed for so long that you could impossibly have played one game without the other. Now we’d like to see our beloved characters cross franchise hop and kick each others asses for no particular reason, in fact you can leave out any kind of story; we don’t care do we? We don’t play fighting games for the story, just say it’s a tournament and go for it.

Are there any more versus games you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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