Xbox Live Rewards – What? Surely not no!

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We all heard about the Xbox Live Rewards program, it’s available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Italy and of course The USA (not available in South Africa). Oh what wonders Microsoft must have in store for us! We all got terribly excited at the concept of earning real rewards for our Achievements. We all got screwed.



It turns out the Xbox Live Rewards program is nothing more than a crock. Aside from it not being available to South Africans; take a look here, see the different packages?


G3000 to 9999

Having a Gamescore between these ranges allows you to get a SPECIAL gift during your birthday month, oh wow! A gift from Microsoft! Cool huh? No. The gift is valued at $0.25. That’s 25 cents people, an approximate conversion of R2.00 South African currency. This means the toy you get with your Happy Meal is worth more than your birthday present from Microsoft.


G10000 to 24999

Yet again, special birthday gift with the addition of a 1% rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchases. Oh damn, woah, a ONE percent discount? I hope we’re not killing Microsoft profit margins.


G25000 and above

Again, special gift and this time a 2% rebate on your MP purchases. We’ve never had such high discounts on anything in our whole lives. How could Bill possibly afford this?

Of course in addition to this, with your Gamescore comes a new rank system that goes from Contender to Champion and all the way up to Legend too which means everyone will know your getting that amazing discount and high priced birthday present. What this present is nobody can really say but for that price if you get a piece of cheap candy you’ll be lucky.

None of this of course matters to people in South Africa though because as usual we’re lagging behind in priority, when I approached Xbox Live Rewards on Twitter about this their official comment was ‘There are currently no plans to expand to other countries.’

With such giant rewards on offer we don’t really care much to be snubbed this time round but it will eventually reach us as everything does. The problem is we don’t like it now and we’re not going to like it then.

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2 Responses to Xbox Live Rewards – What? Surely not no!

  1. Jacques

    I don’t entirely agree…

  2. AP3TOWN

    I have a US Live account and signed up for the rewards program. It’s worked out pretty decent so far. One promotion they had a few months ago netted me 300 MS points just for watching Youtube and Vevo videos. These big promotions don’t happen often though. You also get free points for renewing your Live subscription with the maximum reward being 200 points for a 12 month renewal