Review: Saint’s Row IV

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Saints Row is a fun and crazy 3rd person action game from developer Volition. All games in the Saint’s Row series has always been over the top and in each new release they have built on that craziness and it is at its highest in this latest incarnation. This is what makes the game so much fun; jump over houses and buildings or speed through the street faster than a car. With your super strength you can throw a punch or a kick and watch your enemies literally fly through the air. All of that is only to get you started, there are lots more to unlock and build up.

You are the president of the country and you need to fight off an alien invasion from inside a virtual world. It doesn’t get more high stakes and insane than that. To top it off, you are not just an ordinary citizen anymore. Now you get to be a super being!

I love the intro to these games. They set up the story well and it draws you into the game. The introduction videos (as with everything else in this game) are so over the top you just can’t help but like it. In the intro to the Saints Row games they show your character doing the impossible but making it look cool at the same time and showing that the 3rd Street Saints are real hardcore, bad-asses.

Saints Row 4 Screen4

Before you enter the game you get to customize your character. There is a lot that can be customised and you can fine tune the look of your character to get them looking just like you (or the you you wish you were). You start out with your purple suit, but more clothing can be purchased later in the game and you even get rewarded with experience points for buying and wearing some of these crazy clothes. Once you are happy with your character you are then ready to enter the game.

I am not a fan of how some games handle their tutorials. In order to teach you the mechanics of the game you are put into a special level where you can experiment and learn the game. I can understand the need for this with certain games. I enjoyed the way the tutorial was structured in this game. You are guided through the basics to get you started and you also gain experience points which you can use to upgrade your abilities or equipment. The tutorial is part of the main experience and not a separate level with someone talking at you telling you what you need to do. For people playing Saints Row for the first time or even experienced Saints Row players, the guide in this game will teach you what you can do and how to do it. It also shows you how to use your newfound abilities and how to upgrade them.

Saints Row 4 Screen1

The premise of the game has you trapped in a cyber version of the city of Steelport. With the help of a friend on the outside, you start to learn how to control this virtual world from the inside, bending it to your will. For those who played Saints Row: The Third, the gameplay will feel very familiar but with enough new things added to it to make it feel fresh. I always liked the soundtrack in these games and Saints Row IV is no exception. I really enjoy listening to the radio stations and the music and I am definitely considering getting the soundtrack. It’s clear they spent a lot of time and thought making a good soundtrack. The graphics in the game are pretty much the same as its predecessor. I cannot see a huge change on screen in this department. They have changed the interface in the game so the pause menu and the in game menu look totally different.

Certain aspects of the game reminds me somewhat of the matrix, but if you look (and listen) closely there are a lot of references to other popular movies as well. The controls in the game are similar to the previous version. Some more buttons have been added to accommodate your new superpowers. These are very easy to learn and you will get in the swing of it in no time.

Saints Row 4 Screen2

The weapons system also feels familiar. There are even more weapons for you to buy. Once you own them, you can then upgrade them assuming you have the funds available. You can access the weapons wheel with the push of a button and the games is paused while you make your selection. This makes switching between weapons effortless so you can change to a bigger gun to mow down those hard to kill enemies.

The first Saints Row game I played was Saints Row: The Third. I didn’t expect I would like the game but I ended up finishing every mission and getting all the DLC’s and finishing those as well. I made the mistake of sprinting through the main story missions. Luckily there were also plenty of extra missions for me to complete. This continues in Saints Row IV and there are also plenty of side missions to complete and extra items to collect that add to the experience. That’s why I was so excited when I heard there will be a fourth entry to the series. I knew a lot of my free time would be taken up trying to finish all the missions in this game.

Saints Row 4 Screen3

The third instalment was very popular selling over 5 million copies as of December 2012. Saints row IV was Released on 20 August 2013 and has already passed the 1 million sales mark. So it’s clear that there are a lot of fans.

With its crazy plot and the ability to do some insane things this game keeps things light but still gives you some serious action. A definite must buy!

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