Review: Grand Theft Auto V

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This game has been highly anticipated worldwide; even if it was terrible people would still buy it because it says “Grand Theft Auto” on the box. And to prove my point, this game made 1 BILLION dollars in only three days! That is more money than any book, game, or even movie has ever made in that short time.  Nobody was disappointed. We all paid good money for an over-the-top, action and humour-filled adventure with characters you both love and hate.

This time around in GTA, there are three different playable characters. This is new to GTA and worried a lot of people that it wouldn’t work. Well let me tell you that it not only works, but it is one of the best new features of the game. One of the characters is named Michael. He is a rich middle aged man living in a luxurious house with a family that resents him. He is in the witness protection programme after he got caught performing a bank heist with his best friend, Trevor nine years prior to the main story line. Trevor escaped whilst believing his best friend was dead. Trevor also happens to be the other playable character. He is a middle aged man making a living selling drugs. Oh, he also happens to be a mad murderous psychopath, and one of the best characters ever created in a game. Next is Franklin, who is your typical gangster type character. He is young and intelligent but just hasn’t found the way to the high life. That is how Michael enters his life, by mentoring him. Switching between these characters is swift and easy. And whilst in free play mode as one character, the other two are going on with their daily messed up lives. For example you might switch to Trevor and he might be in the middle of a police car chase, or if you change to Franklin he might be starting a fight with one of the other gangs. This offers so much different game play opportunities, and you are able to see the stunning story from three different perspectives.

GTA5-screenshot- (11)_1

This time, GTA is set in the fictional city called Los Santos, and you get to venture further into Blaine County. This map is one of the biggest detailed maps Rockstar has ever blessed the world with. The gorgeous CGI in this game seem impossible because of how massive the game world is but not once have I seen it look terrible, in fact this game has the best graphics in an open world game ever.  The city is vibrant with life and tons of possibilities of making your own fantastic fun. The lighting in the game looks superb and makes the city very eye catching when looking at it from a distance. Aesthetically pleasing feature is the epic explosions that look like fireworks, and gets you addicted to the sight of it. The facial expressions and voice overs are so expertly done there is an intense sense of realism.

GTA V Review Screen 2

GTA wouldn’t be the same without its arsenal of weapons, and this time Rockstar did not hold back. Customizing your weapons makes noticeable differences and so the feature isn’t wasted. The shoot outs are intensely entertaining that never have a dull or slow moment. Each character has a unique special ability. Franklin whilst in a car can slow down time which is helpful for fast chase scenes’ Michael slows down time when in action, similar to Max in Max Payne 3; and Trevor can go into a rage where he does double the damage and takes half the pain. These special abilities makes the game play more interesting and makes each character unique because you are forced to switch to the character whose special suits your needs at any given time.

GTA V Review Screen 3

Vehicles, of course, are a huge part of the game and the best part of the game play. The driving is a little tricky in the beginning but you gradually get used to it and find it to be an absolute blast. Especially when the police chase you in intense chase scenes, Rockstar has done a good job making you believe that the “fuzz” are actually after you. Flying is very realistic and a challenge, and so it gives you a real sense of achievement when you land the aircraft. Each character has a skill set like driving, flying, stamina, lung capacity, shooting, etc that levels up the more you practice it. This however I find a miss because after you reach 100% in a skill, it does not feel that it has improved that much. Another thing I found that stuck out was that the jumping looked unrealistic and awkward. In a world that is so real, something like this sticks out a lot.

GTA V Review Screen 4

Rockstar has made another masterpiece that doesn’t disappoint the fans, and at the same time impress the haters of the game series. Even though the game is an exhilarating ride from start to finish, with an interesting story, I find sometimes the characters will do things out of character. It is only noticeable if you pay a lot of attention. So as long as you don’t concentrate on certain aspects, you won’t find anything wrong with this near perfect jewel that is sure to be a classic.

– Alec Samuel

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