Review: Rayman Legends

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All the “amazing” games made today are all about how much violence you can put in a play through experience.  It’s either putting a blazing bullet in a person’s head or a sharp sword through a person’s chest. Though all these games that aren’t violent are usually not very good. But sometimes you get that brilliant all ages game that makes you question why all these “amazing” games had to be so violent. The game even talks for itself in the name, because it is amongst the legend games of 2013.

Rayman is an iconic gaming character, but if you don’t know him; he is known because of his looks. That being because his body breaks physics by having feet but no legs, having hands but no arms and having a head but no neck. They just float in the right areas. This character though suits the world he habitats with his out of this world friends that accompany him when you want to play co-op. Though in this masterpiece of a world, there isn’t really much of a story. The story basically is that these five evil Teensies (that’s five different unique places, that is represented in the game as paintings, with their own insane boss fights) which have captured all the other Teensies and so it’s up to Rayman and his friends to go through all these epic places to free them and send these evil ones packing. But it’s okay that it doesn’t have a story worthy of an Oscar because it makes up for it in the immensely entertaining gameplay.

Rayman Legends Screen 1

This 2D/3D platform game has the usual type of gameplay, but Ubisoft knows how to make the typical games stand out and offer even more. You are able to punch (you can also hold down the button to do a powered punch) your enemies or simply jump on their heads. There are different enemy types and so how you take each one down may differ. But the thing that shines the most in Rayman Legends is the superb level design. All the levels are fast paced, challenging and really enjoyable. Most of the level you are zipping through collecting all the Lumas (the currency of the game that unlocks character skins) while at the same time saving the Teensies from their cages that imprison them. Sometimes you want to throw your remote at the screen but that isn’t because it has poor controls, it’s just because the game likes to challenge you if you want to collect everything. That is another thing; there are so many things to achieve in a level. When you actually achieve them all, you have a big grin on your face because you actually get that sense of achievement when you dance to that catchy tune at the end of the level if you collected enough Lumas. The one downside in the gameplay though is when you play the up to four player co-op. It is tons of fun to play with your friends, but sometimes you all want to hit one thing but end up hitting each other into death traps. Even though you probably did it by accident, it still causes argument amongst your friends.

Rayman Legends Screen 2

If you think Ubisoft stopped there with their expertise, think again because the surroundings you get to run around in is so magnificent, that it actually looks like it is a moving painting. The full HD texture really makes you feel that you got what you paid for, because just looking at it puts you in a trance. Ubisoft cleverly makes each world be represented as a painting, and when you jump into a painting it opens up to more paintings which represent the levels. The bosses you fight look so amazing; you might even feel (while you destroy them) that you are ruining art.  And while you are ruining art, you have so much fast fun. And what compliments the gameplay and world so impressively is the music playing in the background. The tunes are fast paced when they are supposed to and so expertly performed, that people could just sit and listen to it all day.

Rayman Legends Screen 3

There is one part of this game that gets a special mention, and that is the incredible music levels that you are treated at the end of each world. Where you run, jump and hit to the beat of the song. These levels are so brilliantly crafted that I would have bought the game for just these levels. They are so stunning that each one leaves you speechless and amazed. At the end of the game you are treated to a whole world of these music levels redone in an 8-bit way. These are more challenging but so much fun to not only play but look at. The last musical level is so unbelievable, that it made my jaw drop hard the entire level. These levels are the definition of fun.

Rayman Legends Screen 4

From the outside this game looks childish, but it is the most fun I have ever had in a game since playing the original Super Mario. There is so much to do in this game, that you never feel ripped off. Every moment while you play, you feel so happy because you are having so much fun, and that is what games are meant to offer.

– Alec Samuel

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