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Things you probably didn’t think about while playing these games…

We’ve had our mindless button smashers and we’ve had our space operas but just how often do we stop and think whether it actually all makes sense? Just what is it all about? There used to be a time in gaming when the most absurd concept soared like an eagle. Let’s take a peek at […]

Xbox Live Rewards – What? Surely not no!

We all heard about the Xbox Live Rewards program, it’s available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Italy and of course The USA (not available in South Africa). Oh what wonders Microsoft must have in store for us! We all got terribly excited at […]

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Versus Games – What we’d like to see

We’ve all seen it happening, original ideas are running out and now we’re down to franchises and universes combating each other. We’re in the age of crossovers such as Marvel Vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe and Street Fighter Vs Tekken. This isn’t a bad idea when you think about it since everyone had […]

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Video game girl crushes. You know you had one!

You know how it goes don’t you? The crush on a girl, the adrenaline as you approach her…the hot flushes as you reach out to put on your console. That’s right, that’s how it went for us when we were younger; way before we discovered actual women. Girl characters used to be in the ‘damsel […]

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Getting an Xbox 360 this Christmas?

If you want all the bells and whistles that goes with your Xbox you have to fork out the cash for it…not to mention playing online isn’t free. So what’s the point if it’s so expensive? Why not just get a PS3, pick up and play and be happy? Well…if you want to get Dawnguard […]

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5 Things to do when you’re bored in Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game and yes, perhaps the best RPG thus far but there are times when you’re just bored and feel like messing around. Not in the mood for serious questing or much of anything else? Check out these 5 things to pass the time… 1. Find some Easter Eggs & Glitches There […]

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