Hi guys

I 2 copies of BF3 on 26 April (when the specials started), phoned them everyday and asked for a status update.... Turns out they don't have stock of BF3, because the stupid people only asked for stock on Thursday (yesterday 3 May) from the stores. So they didn't reserve stock for the online orders, they asked stores to provide them with stock...

My nice and chilled HelloPeter complaint: http://www.hellopeter.com/incredible...-of-bf3-793207

I wrote this last night, but is was double the amount of characters that I can post on HelloPeter:

So my story begins like this....

I ordered 2 copies of Battlefield 3 for XBOX from Incredible Connection's online store on Thursday 26 April at 15:27 with overnight shipping.

I called AT LEAST once a day during the past week to ask about my order.

On Monday (30 April) I call to ask why the game hasn't been delivered yet, so I get the story about the order only being shipped once the status is changed to "Settled".

At first I was fine with that, but when I called on Wednesday to check on my order, I got told that the games hasn't been picked up from the stores yet.

Now its Thursday (a week after I placed the order and paid for overnight shipping), and no delivery yet. So I call once again... Now I get told that the stores only responded at 10:00 Thursday morning and they don't have stock of the game anymore... Well obviously! The special (which I paid for when it started) has been running a week (thats 7 working days for IC) now and the games I ordered was the latest game in the promotion. The game sold over 8 million units world wide, how can they expect the game to stay in stock if they sell it for R99 (R500 discount).

On Thursday (03 May), I was also told that I would receive an email form IC explaining the situation. They want to offer me 2 of the games that left from the promotion... Why would I want Harry Potter, FIFA, or WWE Wrestling?! If I wanted those, I would have bought them for R99 as well. The other option I was given is to get a refund. Why would I want a refund if I ordered something, it was in stock, the money got deducted from my credit card and my order was approved ("Settled" in IC terms)?!

How can a big company be so stupid to hold a promotion, but not distribute the stock evenly? Yesterday (03 May), the website still states that Battlefield 3 is in stock at numerous stores.

By my logic (and I guess MANY other people's), IC should have reserved stock of the games from the stores when all the online orders came in. Then they could sell the games which was not reserved for the online orders in the shops. I ordered online because the website stated that the game was in stock at numerous shops (+-20), so a normal person would have thought that there would be at least 2 copies somewhere in South Africa.

26 April (Thurday) - Order games, money goes off my CreditCard
27 April (Friday) - (Working day for IC) Public holiday
28 April (Saturday) - (Working day for IC) Weekend
29 April (Sunday) - (Working day for IC) Weekend
30 April (Monday) - (Working day for IC) Order settled (So I guess its only approved now), now they apparently "start" checking for stock
01 May (Tuesday) - (Working day for IC) Public holiday
02 May (Wednesday)- (Working day for IC) Nothing happens
03 May (Thursday) - Apparently the 2 shops that was chosen to provide stock came back with a reply at 10:00, NO STOCK.
04 May (Friday) - No communication received regarding IC not having stock or anything they are going to do to rectify there error.