Every gamer who is reading this has at least once had the experience of not having enough money to purchase a game they really wanted, and contemplated selling vital organs to fund their hobby. Gaming, especially console gaming, is not a cheap hobby these days. It really hits your pocket hard when you need to splash out R 500 a game never-mind the R 800 for those nice special editions. Back in the day (yes I am that old) when I was still single I would not have blinked when handing out that amount of money on games, partly because I could survive on fruit loops mixed with orange juice (because I ran out of milk) for weeks on end. But when you get older and you get married your priorities change and you cannot justify spending so much money on your hobby. But fear not fellow gamers we have a solution for you. Are you flat broke? Are you living off fruit loops and orange juice? Fear not, as experienced budget gamers we will show you the ropes and in and outs. First rule when buying games, if you cannot afford to buy new buy second hand. Simply put the second hand games market locally is absolutely massive, if you do not suffer from “must have syndrome” aka buying a game on release day you will find a massive library of pre-owned games out there at half the price of new games. So with a bit of effort you can save yourself a load of cash, you might ask were to begin? Well the easiest and best place is of course the internet, if you are either a PS3 owner or a Xbox 360 owner there are two places you need to visit first:
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