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Borderlands 2 – Downloadable Content Now Available

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge’ now downloadable, along with new heads and skins. 2K and Gearbox Software today announced the release of new Borderlands 2 downloadable content on all platforms worldwide*. One new head and skin set for each playable character, as well as Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct […]

Xbox360gamer /Energizer weekly Marketplace Rounder Week 19

Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the tower defense/first-person shooter hybrid Sanctum. Players take the role of an elite soldier whose mission is to protect the Cores from hordes of mysterious alien creatures while playing as one of four distinct classes, all with their own unique abilities. KEY FEATURES:  Tower Defense – Build mazes with […]

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Krieg The Psycho Borderlands 2 – DLC Launch Trailer

Following last weeks announcement Gearbox launched Krieg the psycho’s trailer showcasing his action skill, called Buzz Axe Rampage. The ability always Krieg  to go psycho-tic and kill everything in his path and regain full health every time he kills anyone. Check out more of The Psycho’s skills and abilities on the trailer below and see […]

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The Psycho is unleashed on Borderlands 2 DLC next week

Gearbox will introduce a new Borderlands 2 DLC with its sixth character class next week. Krieg will be available to purchase for $9.99 or 800 MSP from May 14. The new character rewards players for high-risk behaviour such as running into crowds  among other attributes. Gearbox confirmed the fourth and final Borderlands 2 DLC expansion […]

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Xbox360gamer /Energizer weekly Marketplace Rounder Week 17

Poker Night at the Inventory 2 The chips are down and the ante is up in this sentence already bursting with poker clichés! Take the fifth seat in Poker Night 2, at a table featuring Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness) and Sam (Sam and Max series). So play […]

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Poker Night 2 trailer flaunts unlockables

Telltale Games has released a trailer showing off the unlockable goodies found in Poker Night at the Inventory 2. By completing challenges and meeting goals, players can acquire ‘Bounty Unlocks’ including exclusive skins and heads for use in Borderlands 2. Also available are character accessories for the Steam version of Team Fortress 2, Xbox 360 […]

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Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade

2K and Gearbox Software today announced that the  Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack  is now available via digital download across all available platforms. The new downloadable content pack will increase players’ level cap from 50 to 61, as well as unlock a third play through of the game via the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and […]

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Borderlands 2: Add-On Content Pack confirmed for retail release

2K Games has confirmed plans to release the Borderlands 2: Add-On Content Pack at retail. As previously rumoured, it will feature previously released DLC expansions Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty and Mr.Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage. In addition, it’ll include the following: Play as a fifth character: Gaige, the Mechromancer; Fight challenging enemies in the […]

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Next Borderlands 2 DLC on it’s way

Gearbox isn’t done giving all you Vault Hunters more content to explore and drool over. This time it comes in the form of Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. The DLC will include new gear for each class, a new continent to explore with new creatures to kill and loot and don’t think Handsome Jack’s legacy […]

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New Borderlands 2 character in development

Randy Pitchford president of Gearbox Software, has confirmed that the team is currently working on another character for the game. “Yes, we’re working on another character,” he told a random Borderlands 2 follower on Twitter. While it was not mentioned if this new character would be part of the Season Pass or when exactly the […]

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