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The Phantom Pain studio to show ‘something new’ on Thursday

The studio responsible for The Phantom Pain – a title heavily rumoured to be Hideo Kojima helmed – will show ‘something new’ on Thursday. Originally unveiled at VGA 2012, The Phantom Pain is attributed to the mysterious Moby Dick Studio, which has developed no prior titles. Apparently based in Stockholm, Sweden, rumours suggest its CEO […]

Remedy hints at possible Alan Wake 2 development

Alan Wake’s official Facebook page has seen quite a bit of activity from creators Remedy but a post on Twitter has really hit the spot for fans of the series. Remedy’s Sam Lake has revealed that the company will be sharing more  news about what they’ve been up to over the last months. Time can […]

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New Borderlands 2 character in development

Randy Pitchford president of Gearbox Software, has confirmed that the team is currently working on another character for the game. “Yes, we’re working on another character,” he told a random Borderlands 2 follower on Twitter. While it was not mentioned if this new character would be part of the Season Pass or when exactly the […]

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII first trailer to be revealed on December 22nd

Square Enix hasn’t given many details to the public on what Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII will be all about except that the game revolves around 13 days and once those days are up the game ends in one of many endings. Today saw Square Enix post a picture of a calender on Twitter with […]

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BlazBlue 3rd Anniversary Contest Round-up

Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, is proud to announce that two more contests to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of BlazBlue are currently live: “Caption the Blue” and “All Eyes on the Azure.”. This time around, hopeful contestants must either create a creative caption for a preset image, or simply help spread the […]

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Largest Medal of Honor community site shuts down after Warfighter fails to impress

Today saw the directors of the Medal of Honor Headquarters, the official community site for the Medal of Honor series release news that they will be shutting the doors at Medal of Honor Headquarters. The Directors wrote the following on the sites main and now only page: “Friends, fans, & devoted gamers, While it’s become […]

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No multiplayer for BioShock Infinite

The development team working on BioShock Infinite has made the final decision to not include multiplayer components within the game. Irrational Games, headed up by games director Ken Levine, had weighed up the options for multiplayer for a number of years. But over the weekend Levine confirmed on his personal Twitter account that the feature […]

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Xbox Live Rewards – What? Surely not no!

We all heard about the Xbox Live Rewards program, it’s available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Italy and of course The USA (not available in South Africa). Oh what wonders Microsoft must have in store for us! We all got terribly excited at […]

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Fifa 13 sales are crazy impressive

Fifa 13 is out today! In stores and on EA’s Origin digital shop. Anticipation for FIFA 13 points to a historic opening expected to be the biggest sports videogame launch ever. More than 1.3 million games (and counting) have been pre-ordered worldwide, while over 4.6 million fans—the most ever for an EA SPORTS game—in 123 […]

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Getting an Xbox 360 this Christmas?

If you want all the bells and whistles that goes with your Xbox you have to fork out the cash for it…not to mention playing online isn’t free. So what’s the point if it’s so expensive? Why not just get a PS3, pick up and play and be happy? Well…if you want to get Dawnguard […]

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